Steve Keller’s Website

1925 S. Atlantic Avenue Unit 802

Daytona Beach Shores, Florida 32118

(386) 235-7500


I’ve set up a personal website for a couple of reasons. I’ve moved around a bit and I want all of my old friends to be able to find me. For 30 years I operated several businesses and recently we discontinued using my name as the company name, making it harder for old classmates and others to track me down for reunions. I don’t have a Facebook page for privacy reasons.  This seemed like a better idea. I’m also on LinkedIn.

I also want people who are looking for my business under the old name Steve Keller and Associates and later Steven R. Keller and Associates, Inc. to also be able to find us. I assume that I will always be associated with the company since I’m not the retiring type.


Welcome to my site

The photos above were taken here at my condo in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. We overlook the Atlantic Ocean from the eighth floor of the area’s nicest condo. For more about my home:

Are You Looking For Steven R. Keller, the Museum Security Consultant, Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. or Architect’s Security Group, Inc.?  If so, click the company logo and go to the company’s official website.

I recently finished my third term as President of the condo board of directors. I decided not to run for re-election because being president was for all practical purposes a full time job and I am still caring for my mother, Betty, age 95.

While I am still completely involved in my company, I have cut back my hours with a promise to Kathy that I won’t work any overtime or weekends. So, I am getting back into creative photography. Kathy and I had a darkroom and a good camera back in the day and now I have a nice new Nikon and will get back into the hobby.