What We Can Do For You

We provide security consulting and design services to many types of clientele including architects and engineers who lack our specific expertise when competing for projects. And of course, we work directly for clients like museums, libraries and cultural centers on many projects.  Architects, add us to your team and use our considerable experience to bolster your resume when you are on a shortlist competing for a project. While we service almost all environments, our experience in cultural property environments is second to none.

Just so there is no confusion, we don’t practice architecture. We will never compete with our architect clients. We are here to do the security portion of your complex project and we leave the architecture to your architect. And on about 50% of our projects, we work directly for the museum, library, cultural property or private art collector providing traditional security consulting services.

In a typical project, we meet with the client to determine their needs, then we develop a scope of work with the client’s input. We almost always offer a fixed fee for a defined scope of work plus actual expenses. You will not pay more or less than this agreed upon amount unless you change the scope of work. For security surveys and risk assessments, we may recommend additional work based on our findings and that work would be extra but that is not our goal. All of our clients are invited to call us for a year following a site visit for free phone consultation as you interpret and implement our recommendations.  Our objective is to make you independent, not dependent on us.

We have decided to take fewer design projects. These take several years to complete and both Alicia and I are nearing retirement. We will continue to take some of these jobs but we will cut back. We continue to take non-design projects, surveys, etc. Call us to discuss your project.