Security Surveys

We recommend that every cultural institution (or similar high security facility) have a security survey or risk assessment every 18 months. Progress can be documented and new problems discovered. As a minimum, the initial survey should assess the risks that the facility faces. This is often done using commercially available property management tools such as the CAP Index as well as proprietary methods developed over thirty years and hundreds of survey projects.

We think of the basic security survey the way a doctor thinks of the basic physical exam. We look at a wide range of topics and develop immediate, short term and long term projections of risk and corrective recommendations.

Property management tools such as the CAP Index are often used to help assess risk and a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations, cost estimates and work phasing is always issued to the client. By formally and objectively assessing risks using property management tools such as the CAP Index which are recognized by the courts for their accuracy, we can more effectively advise the client on how to deploy limited resources and how to spend limited funds.

A typical report assesses risk, identifies problems with the building’s physical and electronic security, the security program itself, and the program’s management, and makes recommendations for the best ways to correct the problems found. Recommendations are specific. If we feel a certain product or service would be in your best interests, we recommend them and include detailed information. We provide cost estimates for our recommendations and we recommend a phased approach to implementation when necessary.

Following the survey every client is enrolled in our retainer plan at no extra cost for a year and the client’s representative is invited to call us for free follow-up consultation for the entire year. No other company offers this service and most count on the follow up process to add to their fees. You never receive a bill for this phone consultation in interpreting the findings of the survey.

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Why a Security Survey?

The CAPIndex is just one of the tools we use to assess risk in a security survey or risk assessment.

By using a lengthy and detailed checklist for all security surveys we are able to survey all clients using a consistent methodology which yields survey results that allow detailed comparisons among clients. This checklist, along with a narrative report, is part of our survey report to the client. A lengthy narrative report with the survey’s findings accompanies the checklist and other supporting data.

“A security survey is the starting point in a long term relationship between a security consultant and a client. It is the means of assessing the risks that the client faces and the development of effective countermeasures.”

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