Museum Security Department Policy Manual

The “Instant” Museum Security Department Policy Manual

If you don’t have a comprehensive policy manual that defines each of your many security policies and procedures, each on its own page, then you don’t have a document that collectively defines your overall security “program”. A properly developed policy manual defines your program so it can be easily understood by everyone. It can be used as the basis for your training program. If it is properly written and formatted it can be quickly and easily revised. But developing a policy manual with 120 policies can be very time consuming.

We created an imaginary museum that we call “The City Art Museum”. We provide floor plans of that imaginary facility drawn in detail by an architect so you can see that it has all of the elements of any museum of any type: front door, fire exits, dock, curatorial area, collection storage, etc. It truly applies to every museum. We then provide a complete policy manual governing all of the major procedures for the museum. Each policy is on its own page or pages. We developed a format and use that format throughout.

We then provide detailed instructions on how you can convert this for use in your museum in about one day!

The entire manual including cover is provided on a CD. It is in Microsoft Word (.RTF) format. RTF is a universal format that can be read by any word processor using any operating system including all PCs Macs, and the documents retain their formatting. Note that we no longer provide a printed copy of this product. The manual costs $99.95.

All 120 policies are in one continuous document. Policy #1 is followed by policy #2, etc.  By using your “Find and Replace” command you can make changes easily. If we call your people Guards and you call them Officers, simply find and replace one time and the word is changed in every policy. Change the masthead of each policy from “The City Art Museum” to the name of your museum. Drop in your badge or departmental logo in the header of each policy by copy and paste.

Text that we feel does not or probably will not need to be changed, was written in normal type. For test that we think will need changing, we used italics. This is done for policies where state laws differ or where we feel you may want to run this wording past your lawyer or top management first. Where we know that data is unique to every museum such as hours of operation, we type in XXXX. Search out “XXXX” and find these locations. Fill in the valid details.

You can have a complete security department policy manual in about one day of work. It will be fully compliant with the “Recommended Practices for Museum Security” and all standard insurance requirements. It will comply with ADA and other regulations.

We include blank policy templates so you can add your own policies that may be unique to your facility with minimum difficulty.

Spend just one full day uninterrupted on this project and you will have a program with all of the recommended policies. Present the completed manual to your boss for approval. Even if he or she rejects the policies, you’ve done your part by recommending the policies and procedures that are compliant with the standards for all museums of all types in North America. You’re covered.

This manual took our experts three months, full time, to develop plus additional time to develop the City Art Museum concept and blueprints. There is nothing else like it. When used with our video training and roll call training programs you will have the basis for a quality museum security program.


Product code: Policy Manual

Price:  $99.95  We do not accept purchase orders. You may pay by check or credit card. We ship the product to you on a thumb drive. The product no longer available in printed format but it can be easily printed out when you receive it. You wil need to work with the digital templates.

Shipping is included for this product. No need to add shipping in the U.S.A.   All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Personal note from Steve Keller:  This will be the best money you will spend on security and will improve your overall security more than anything you can do. Call me if you want to discuss why. I firmly believe every museum can benefit greatly from this product.