About Our Mini-Assessment Offer

We have developed a “Mini-Assessment” of security for our National Park Service clients. It is a full security survey with an abbreviated report in a format that enables us to complete the project quickly but completely with the least amount of time. It is for parks with a visitor center museum and one or two small buildings like a maintenance building and a house museum. We must be able to fly in one day, do the job the next and fly home the next day. The report was developed with the input from many people at NPS and is a brief narrative and a lock thorough checklist. It is delivered digitally and one printed copy. Most important for the park, it is priced below your procurement signing level so you can authorize it with a purchase order. If you want to pay by credit card, we accept all cards.

We will travel to your site, conduct a one day mini-assessment of your security, and issue a summary report that covers the findings in several important areas and you pay only $2,450. This includes our travel and administrative costs as well as our fees. We offer this deal to sites located in the continental U.S. only and only those associated with the National Park Service. We reserve the right to reject any institution whose size and complexity make it impossible for us to do a quality job and not lose money, like those in Alaska. We could get all “lawyered up” and fill this page with fine print defining who we will and will not survey but let’s all use common sense. I am a businessman who is trying to sell a quality service and maintain a reputation for quality earned over a lifetime and it is NOT my goal to reject anyone. But the reality of life is that some offers just won’t work for everyone so we ask your understanding. But in general, we think we can extend this offer to most small to average sized National Park sites and other facilities of similar size and  complexity. Presidential homes tend to be more complex and facilities like Mount Vernon are way too big and complex for this to work out for them. But please call. We want to offer this to your facility if we can. Really!

We do intend to offer this for non-NPS facilities but for now, this is possible because we have computerized and streamlined the process and it has been geared to the National Park Service.  If you are reading this and are not part of the National park Service system but are interested, contact us and be patient.

The Offer

What Will The Report Be Like

To make this program work, we have developed a methodology that streamlines the survey process. We show up with a small handheld computer which is programmed with software that enables us to gather information quickly and efficiently then generate a summary of the findings. Back in the office we prepare an executive summary for each major topic covered by the survey, pointing out the problems found and indicating our recommendations. During our survey, your representative is told what we have found as we find it and we offer detailed recommendations at that time. You can take notes and ask questions, then our report serves as a detailed executive summary of the project.

And get this!  You are invited to phone or email us as often as you want in the year following this survey for free phone or email consultation. This survey also buys you access to top consultants and security engineers for a full year to help clarify the findings and implement the recommendations.

A standard, more comprehensive security survey is more detailed--and much more expensive. It looks deeper into management issues.  A standard report is often 75 pages or more while a mini-assessment report is much more abbreviated and to the point. We often feel that a standard report includes as much background and educational material than actual findings. For example, in a mini-assessment, if we feel that you need, say, a visitor sign-in process, we just say so. In a standard assessment our report also explains why you need this and often includes a sample sign-in form. A comprehensive survey also looks at complex issues like the ability of your security system computer network to withstand hackers or other cyber attacks and the security of your registration records. The mini-assessment does not. But during our survey we try to offer all of the details you will need, and afterward, you can call us and ask as many questions as you want.

The mini-assessment looks at the following topical areas:

  1. 1. What are the risks that you face?

  2. 2. What problems do we see on your grounds and property?

  3. 3. What is your general fire safety situation?

  4. 4. We assess your fire detection system.

  5. 5. We assess your lock and key situation.

  6. 6. We assess the physical security of your facility.

  7. 7. We assess access control.

  8. 8. We assess parcel control.

  9. 9. We assess internal security.

  10. 10. We assess security staffing coverage and general adequacy.

  11. 11. We assess your burglar alarm and electronic security systems.

  12. 12. We assess your CCTV system.

  13. 13. We assess security for accessioned objects on display and in storage.

  14. 14. We assess exhibit case security.

  15. 15. We look at some, but not all, aspects of your overall security not otherwise covered.

  16. 16. We note any other obvious problems that we find.

This is an overview but it is a relatively thorough overview. Clients must understand that this mini-assessment is not perfect and is no substitute for a comprehensive study in some facilities but may be just as good in many smaller ones. They must understand that the report is abbreviated, but again, it is a great value. In short, it is what it is and it is what you make of it. Participate in our one day study then follow up by phone and you can gain great value from this expenditure. To see portions of an actual report, use the link at the bottom of the page.

How Do We Schedule A Visit?

Give us a call to discuss your project. We will send you a proposal that serves as an offer for the visit. Just issue a PO or letter of intent for $2,450 and agree to pay any cost associated with cancellations that you initiate. We will bill for the balance when we deliver our report a week or so following the visit. It’s that easy.

See the report, go HERE.

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