What Does The National Park Service Mini-Assessment Report Look Like?

The report that you will receive will be sent to you electronically. You can print it but it is intended to be viewed on a computer. It is cross platform (Windows, Mac, Unix) and can be read with Acrobat Reader.  It uses Acrobat to embed Post-its and other tools which can be opened as necessary to provide more detail. The first part of the report is a checklist marked with green check marks and red “x’ symbols so that you can immediately see the areas of concern. Where a further explanation or definition is required or a code or standard is referenced, you will see a small Post-it symbol. Click it and it opens the note. Click it again to close it.

At the end of the first section is a scale from 1 to 10 and your site is rated by the consultant in comparison to other similar sites he has surveyed over the past 25 years so you can see how you compare.

Major recommendations are summarized in a bulleted list as are any product references. More detail on products that we specifically reference can be found at their website indicated in the bulleted list.

A special section is included that summarizes just those items addressed in the security section of your Facilities Report so that you can more easily and effectively fill it out.

Finally, there is an executive summary in narrative format that summarizes our findings or recommendations in the major areas addressed by the report such as “access control”, “property control”, “key control and retrieval”, “internal security”,” fire protection”, etc.

Here are some screenshots of a report:

Where appropriate and where more detailed information is necessary, the client is given a link to download a reprint or other source materials that they will find useful.


This survey has considerable value that far exceeds its costs. It is an excellent starting point for the small museum or historic site that needs direction. It solves the problems we have seen time and again where individuals engaged in self-assessments don’t know what the right answer is so they are unable to correctly answer the question, or who are so convinced that the way they are currently doing things is correct that they can’t answer objectively. This product brings one of the leading museum security consultants to your site for an actual visit and gives you an incredible one year of free follow up phone consultation with him or his staff specialists best able to help you solve your problem.

Clients might consider commissioning this mini-assessment and using the report and follow up consultations to develop corrective actions and get major projects into the budget pipeline, then in the next budget year, have a repeat assessment to check and verify progress and thus extending the year of free phone consultation.

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