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Bet you can’t spot the invisible motion detector held to the wall using an anti-gravity mount! Hint:  Just follow the arrow.

The InvisaSeries of totally invisible security products with their own anti-gravity mounts! There is no need to attach them to walls and architectural surfaces because they have anti-gravity mounts that allow them to float in place. Made for that especially demanding architect who just won’t let the building get in the way of his “art”.

Have you ever been frustrated by the need to accommodate frivolous requests by the building owner for such things as security systems, closed circuit television cameras, lights and Exit signs? We understand your frustration and after years of research we invented a complete line of products that are totally invisible. Sure, they run up the cost of the building a few million, but who cares because the client is paying the bill! Like they say, there is no budget when it comes to competing for the Pritzker Prize.

Also available:  InvisaGuard and InvisaDog for museum directors who think they can protect a billion dollars in art 24/7 with three untrained guards recruited from those applicants rejected by McDonalds. Simply post the invisible sign saying “InvisaGuards in Use On These Premises” and the bad guys won’t know how bad your security really is! They’ll think that you have a whole army of invisible commandos!  And if the InvisaDog has an “accident” on the floor, no need to wipe it up because it’s invisible, too. Download the cut sheets for all of our products above.

Coming Soon:  InvisaWire. Now run wires along surfaces of museum walls. Guaranteed to remain invisible for the life of the building. Makes installation of alarm, access control and CCTV systems as easy as stringing Christmas lights. Look for the invisible electrical outlet, the invisible sprinkler head, and the invisible air supply vent, all in final stages of beta testing and available next month. We know these products work and they’d be on the market by now except that we set them aside in the testing lab and now we can’t find them because . .  they’re invisible!  Oh, wait. We call this “wireless”.

* (Store your unused inventory in visible containers and avoid placing unpackaged items on floors where they can become a tripping hazard. Not responsible for misuse of this product. Keep children away from the invisible wire splice points.  May not be exported to Middle Eastern countries or China).

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“Do They Work?  Who Cares? How Well They Look

Is Always More Important Than How Well They Work!”

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