Services for Cultural Property Clients

Security and Vulnerability Surveys

Risk Assessments

Security Master and Long Range Planning

Security Policy Manual Development

Security Training Including Active Shooter

Warranty and Service Agreement Enforcement

Security Management Executive Recruitment

Guard Force Conversion: Contract vs Proprietary

Value Engineering

Security Contract Reviews

Vendor Proposal Reviews

Technology and Product Evaluation

Third Party Commissioning

Security Escort for High Value Shipments

Assistance to Other Consultants and Engineers

Command Center and Video Wall Design Alarm, Access Control, CCTV System Design

Museum Object Protection System Design

Some Conventional Security Consulting Services We Offer

What is a Cultural Property?

A Cultural Property is a:


House Museum

Sculpture Garden


Collection Storage Facility

Collection Conservation Facility

Library, Archive, or Special Collection

Historic Property or Restoration

National or State Park or Monument

Cultural Center

Place of Worship

Private and Corporate Art Collections

The hottest topic in the security field today is the very real concern for the security of our computer-based security systems from hacking, virus attacks and distributed denial of service attacks.  Similarly, the industry is undergoing a battle for “ownership” of the security system between the “physical” security department and the IT Department. We can be of great assistance to you in thinking through the major decision and in securing your network.

Steve Keller was quoted as saying that the next major museum theft will be a breach of the museum’s computer network by cyber criminals who will steal a BILLION dollars in museum collections and the authorities will not have a clue as to how it occurred let alone who did it.

We are an independent non-product affiliated consulting and security system design firm with nothing to sell but our expertise and consulting services. We are not affiliated with any vendor, product or guard service. We represent you in this process. We do not practice architecture but we regularly serve on the architect’s design team as the lead security consultant. Please specify us to your architect for inclusion on their team when they plan a project for you.

Attention Museum Decision Makers

Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. sees the basic museum security survey the way a doctor sees checking your vitals or giving you a physical. The basic survey identifies areas where your security program shows possible weakness. It looks at the crime in the mile surrounding your facility  and analyzes your risk based on real criteria, not opinion. It looks at your people, their training, your policies and procedures, your security staffing deployment, your electronic security systems, and other aspects of your access control, property control and internal security program including physical security, key control and retrieval, and your compliance with common good practices. On a technical level is looks at whether you can save money by investing in technology or redeploying existing resources. Many museums have a security survey done every 18 to 24 months.

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Please give us a a call if we can provide you with any other information on our services. If you are planning a project with an architect, please specify us as your choice of security consultant for the project.