Submittal Checklist

This is provided for your convenience. Read the Specification. Absence of an item from this list does not eliminate your responsibility for providing it if it is in the spec. Indicate the date submitted in the space before each entry. Indicate N/A if not in your spec.  Submit As Soon After Commencement of Work Is Given

____________Shop Drawings (No work can begin until we have signed off on these. We need two weeks unless you schedule their delivery with us in advance so the review can be scheduled).

__________Cut sheets for all components/products in the system (With shop drawings)

__________List of substitutions and compliance statement that the substitutions perform as specified in every way. For any substitution, provide a picture of the product or product sample so we can see it. (Note that this does not authorize substitutions in your project. Read the spec about substitutions and pre qualification of substitutions. Substitutions should have been pre-approved but as conditions require, technology changes, and product lines are discontinued or changed, substitutions may be necessary). (Submit immediately)

____________Some jobs require that information regarding each installer be submitted prior to beginning work so we can do a background check on each of them. If this is the case, work may not be permitted until we complete this lengthy process so don’t delay. Some background checks take a month or more. (Submit immediately)

____________Power calculations so we know that you are providing enough battery power to meet the spec and that the power supplies are properly sized. (With shop drawings)

____________Submit a software compliance statement addressing specifically how the system being submitted, if other than the system specified, will comply with the specifications on a paragraph by paragraph basis. We suggest that you take a copy of the digital spec that is being provided and indicate with a symbol margin by margin “full compliance” or “non-compliance”. This does not authorize last minute substitutions and applies to substitutions that must be made for mutual advantage of the owner and the contractor. If you are providing the specified product, this is not required. If you bid a pre-approved equal, this IS required even though the product was pre-approved. (Submit with shop drawings)

____________Submit a software compliance statement indicating that the manufacturer's latest version of software and the latest version of Windows operating system software acceptable to the access control software manufacturer at the time of acceptance testing will be provided. Note that the spec requires that you provide the latest version available at the time of final acceptance testing, not at time of programming, so arrange with the  manufacturer for a free upgrade if a new version is in the works. (Submit with shop drawings)

____________Submit a software license statement and assure the owner that software will be held in escrow and provided in the event the software manufacturer ceases business operations. (Submit with shop drawings)

____________It is almost certain that we specified, but did not receive from you even if you submitted it, a list of all major components in the system that you are installing, including each detector, contact, switch, alarm control panel, power supply and battery, delay locking hardware, magnetic lock, electric strike, strike release button, computer, printer, camera, server, client terminal, NVR and other component, along with a price that each will be provided to us for during installation and during the first year following acceptance of the system. (This was probably required in your bid and did not make its way to us but we need it for our files). (Submit immediately)

____________It is almost certain that we specified, but did not receive from you even if you submitted it, a price for extending the one year full parts and labor warranty specified for one additional year. Note that this is NOT a traditional warranty with exclusions or alterations. This is a one year full parts and labor warranty. Period. If we want to extend it for one year, what is the cost? You were required to submit this number with your bid. Please provide a copy of this now for our official record to avoid confusion later. (Submit immediately)

____________Details of the phone line needed for your system including a cellular account, if specified. Indicate that you coordinated this issue and that it is being provided. By whom? The objective is to get the ball rolling now so you get what you need at the end of the job when time will be of the essence. (Submit with shop drawings)

____________By this time you should have read the specification with regard to who is providing electric locks, if any, and what the product being provided is. If this is NOT adequate, we need to know this now so substitutions can be made. (No later than shop drawings)

____________While it is not specified, it is the expectation of the Security Consultant that you will provide to us as part of the first submittal, a job directory of your installation team including the name and phone number of any sub-contractors being used and the name, address, phone, fax and email for your company’s project manager. (See Reply Sheet and submit immediately)

____________Above all, if you see any problem with the conduit and power being provided for you, if any, you must notify us NOW. The specification probably provides that it is your responsibility to provide any additional conduit or power that is needed and was not shown on the drawings as being provided for you when you bid. Now is the time to work out this problem. Bring me your problem now and you have an ally. Bring me your problem later and you have just another critic. (Submit immediately)

Final Submittal

The specification is clear on what is required. Please read the spec. Note the requirements for:

____________As-Built drawings and, if necessary, any product cut sheets for new products added or substituted in approved RFI’s. (No later than 30 days after final acceptance testing but requested at final acceptance testing. Note that we will not sign off on payment until received. Warranty begins when we sign off.

____________Operation and Maintenance Manuals (BEFORE acceptance testing)

____________Locks and key switches. You have certain very specific requirements for protecting the cabinet keys from being copied by workmen who may come back later and use their key to steal. Read the requirement. In some cases, cabinet keys provided by the manufacturer are not acceptable. Read the spec. Do not install key locked enclosures and leave the keys in the enclosure. We don’t want every Tom, Dick or Harry to have a copy of this key! Keep the keys and turn them over to us as specified. We will sign for them. Otherwise, you may be replacing all of the cylinders later. (At acceptance testing to pre-approved security representative. Call us for that name).

____________Verification that security-type screws were used as specified. (Indicate on Shop Drawings that they will be used. Indicate on as-builts that they were used.)

____________Delivery of properly programmed card keys, if required. (Prepare a receipt indicating the name of the person turning card keys over, the name of the person receiving them, date transferred to the owner, the quantity of cards, their series numbers, and other pertinent details. DO NOT turn cards over to architect. Do not turn cards over to anyone other than the designated owner’s security representative. Call us for the name of that person. (Turn card keys over prior to acceptance testing). Provide a copy of your receipt with the final submittal to us.

____________Power load computations for alarm device power supplies and reader or lock power supplies. Be sure to read the spec as we require that you meet a specific standard. (With shop drawings. Revise as required with as built drawings. Submit on the drawings in a table)

____________Details as to the monitoring by a central station if you arranged this. This includes all information needed to review the account such as a monitoring contract, instructions and programming data provided to the central station, etc. What did you tell them to do in an alarm? Who do we contact there? We need to know this. (Submit at final acceptance testing and again in your formal final submittal)

____________Training Outlines and Materials. See the spec. You have specific
training requirements and this is very important. You may be required to train the consultant first. Read the spec. Be sure to comply and provide this material in advance of the final submittal if necessary to meet the close out schedule. (Complete training prior to final acceptance testing)

____________Provide all software back-ups and components of the computer system not installed such as operating system manuals, etc. (Submit prior to acceptance testing for our review. Submit as you would any submittal, not to the security manager or owner’s rep.)

____________Provide all spare parts as required. (Provide to the owner’s security representative--same person who got keys. Submit a list of spare parts to us at acceptance testing).

____________Note the requirement for providing the manufacturer’s latest version of software, not the version when you first took delivery of a product from the manufacturer.

____________If there is a Preventive Maintenance provision in the spec and you are required to set up a program with log books, etc., provide them at the time of final acceptance testing or as part of this submittal. (At acceptance testing for our review. Feel free to submit one copy of each of them in advance to us for pre-review.)