Surviving An Active Shooter Attack


Steve Keller was a police officer, police detective and a federal Special Agent when he was young. He knows the fear of confronting an armed criminal intent upon taking the lives of anyone in his way. He knows that even a moment of hesitation or reflection can cost you your life when faced with this danger. Steve developed a one hour live training program for museum employees with a one hour follow up session for museum security officers. In researching this, he personally interviewed two survivors of active shooter events. His personal philosophy is that every employee of every business must think the unthinkable NOW in the safety of a classroom so they don’t hesitate to ponder their fate if confronted with this danger in real life.

In a straight forward and frank manner, Steve helps attendees confront their reservations about taking decisive action. When should you run? When should you shelter in place? When should you fight back? You are about to engage in a fight for your life that is no playground fistfight. You need to use every resource at your disposal--scissors, fire extinguishers, chairs--whatever can be used as a weapon.You may only have one chance. Only by thinking through your options now will you survive this horror. When you escape, expect police to shout commands at you and to demand that you raise your hands and submit to a search. They don ‘t know if you are a victim or the killer. Steve discusses the typical police tactical response so you know what to expect. In “Right To Carry” states, what should you do to keep from being shot by responding police who see you carrying a gun?    When escaping, should you stop and assist victims or continue to escape?

No one wants to think the unthinkable. Steve uses a Powerpoint presentation to guide attendees to survival.

The program addresses what employees should do to recognize potentially dangerous employees before they crack and become violent.

Our program can be tailored to a museum or library environment or it can be modified for any workplace environment. It can be taught in multiple sessions so every employee can attend. Call for details. Prices vary with each venue and number of sessions and attendees.